Secure your Vie Faucet Script FaucetPay API

FaucetPay API key is a random string that is used to send money from your FaucetPay balance to users. If someone has access to your API key then they have control over your funds, so it is necessary to do some extra steps to secure it.

IP Whitelisting

This feature makes sure that only your server can use the API key. You need to add your server IP to FaucetPay admin page.

Get your Server IP

If you are using Cpanel, Hpanel then your server IP is on your dashboard.

Server IP on Cpanel
Server IP on HPanel (Hostinger)

Add your Server IP to FaucetPay

  • Go to
  • Click on the Manage button
  • Scrolldown and find “IP Whitelisting

In the previous section, my Server IP is (Don’t DDOS me, that’s a fake IP), so let’s try to add the following IPs to FaucetPay and make a withdrawal every time you update the IP to see which IP work:

  • 198.165.39.*
  • 198.165.*.*

Do the same with your IP, if your IP is A.B.C.D then try

  • A.B.C.D
  • A.B.C.*
  • A.B.*.*
IP example 1
IP example 2


Rate limits are a great feature to protect your faucet from abusers and hacks. You can rate-limit your faucet withdrawals to a certain amount over a time frame. Rate-Limits is above IP Whitelisting section.

Vie Faucet Script has a built-in “Daily limit” feature for the withdrawal but it is better to set Rate-Limits in FaucetPay too.

Just enter the amount then your faucet will not pay more than that in a timeframe. All payment requests after the limit reached will be denied.

My Faucet can’t pay more than 0.0002 BTC in 1440 minutes (1 day)
My Faucet can’t pay more than 10 DOGE in 10 minutes

This tutorial can also be used for any Faucet Script, not only Vie Script. Let me know if you have any idea to secure the Faucet.

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