Vie Faucet Script

Vie Faucet Script Features
Vie Faucet Script Features

Vie Faucet Script is one of the most powerful and popular faucet scripts and was first released at the beginning of 2020 and is still being updated by the author. It is made with PHP Codeigniter, Bootstrap and contains many advanced features like admin panel, auto-ban, …

Vie Faucet Script Reviews
Vie Faucet Script Reviews

Where to Buy Vie Faucet Script?

You can easily buy Vie Faucet Script with Paypal or Crypto Currency from here: https://shoppy.gg/product/099OPQ9

If you want to purchase with a credit card, please select Paypal and checkout without creating an account.

You can test the demo version (some sensitive functions are hidden in the demo for security purposes) of the script at:


Vie Faucet Script is made with PHP Codeigniter Framework which makes your faucet secured and load very fast.

The template is made with modern bootstrap so your website loads very fast, smooth, and responsive on any device. You can easily change or custom the template to make it unique.

Vie Faucet Script Features

The script has many features that help you create your own faucet easily:

  • Basic Faucet
  • Shortlinks Wall
  • PTC
  • Achievements
  • Tasks
  • Offerwalls
  • Dice
  • Lottery

There are many advanced features that help you attract more users:

  • Level System
  • Referral System
  • Weekly Contest


Nowadays, there are many cheaters who using bots to make the claim process automated. This affects strongly on your advertisement revenue. Luckily, Vie Script has many features to block bots and cheaters that create multiple accounts. You can track them easily from the admin panel and decide what to do with them.

Updates And Supports

If you have any problems with the installation process, you can message me for help. Please note that I am not available 24/24 so you just need to send a single message and wait for my response.

Once you have bought the script, you will get future updates for free.

Is Faucet profitable?

Faucet is profitable if you can manage it well. Vie Script has many features to block bad actions on the site, so you can focus on managing funds, checking for cheat logs. You will also need to optimize your ads to get the highest ctr means higher income from ad networks.

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